summer 2018

delfino curioso

Sataya Dolphin Reef over night (2 days).

First day :

Our overnight trip to Sataya /Dolphin reef is starting from the marina in Hamata. Sataya is something very special, not only for divers but Also for snorkelers. As soon as you arrive on board, you will get a short introduction while having soft drinks in the saloon.

The journey takes depending on the weather between 2 hrs. To 3 hours. If you have problems with seasickness is supplied by us best with homeopathic medicines. After arriving in Sataya, A quick briefing will prepare you for your first guided snorkelling; the dives are then scheduled individually with the dive guide. The tour includes four dives. You speak with your dive guide when and where you want to perform the dives (night dive not excluded and possible).

Between the diving and snorkelling programs we serve lunch and dinner in buffet form. Ifsomeone is a vegetarian, so it would be great to let us know already before.

You will sleep in the lagoon on the boat. Either in a double cabin below deck or on the sun deck outside under the open sky star. This is up to you!

Don’t miss the most impressive view from the high deck – watching the stars and moon.

Second day :

Early in the morning of the second day we will discover the reef before anyone else. The marine life just returns back to daily activities while you are watching. The best chance to spot dolphins and rays while will be during that time. After that there is breakfast. After breakfast we await the arrival of the dolphins. Once we go again these views into the water to the next snorkel gear. Around 11:00 pm we will leave Sataya again and yet traverse on the way back a beautiful another reef for snorkelling or diving. There is then lunch. After lunch and a little breather it goes back to the cozy marina in Hamata.

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