fishing marsa alamWe will pick you up early morning by bus with our guide and then move to the port. Upon arrival to the port, you will find a lovely comfortable boat where
drinks and breakfast will be offered, the boat will depart at about 09:00 AM and will be back in the port at about 16:00 (summer) 14:00 (winter)

We will do four stops. During the first three stops you will get the possibility of fishing and catching various exotic fish of the red sea whereas at the last stop you can swim for a while with fins and masks and admire the beauty of the coral reefs.

What u need ?

• Official identification documents: Local authorities demand that an official identification document be presented upon departure from harbor. This document can be a local Egyptian ID, or a passport.
• Specialty Lures: we provides trolling lures and spoons of sizes and varieties known to be suitable for the fishing spot, season, depth of water, etc. However, guests are welcome to try their own beloved "lucky strikers" or any lures they would like to try.
• Fly fishing Tackle When it comes to fly fishing we, regretfully, don't have much to offer. However, our guests are more than welcome to practice as much flyfishing as they want using their own tackle and expertise!
• Sun Lotion and Personal Stuff: It's mostly sunny in winter, and always sunny in the summer! Applying sun lotion may be a good idea if you would like to enjoy the sunshine. Also bring your own towels, razors, and after-shave lotion.

Be prepared for changing weather

• On a winter day, weather in the Red Sea might change from warm to cool if clouds show up. You need an easy on/off piece weather or coat.
• In the summer, it is usually nice all day long, but sometimes gets a bit chilly late at night and early in the morning. Sun is always warm, summer and winter!
• Although all the boats we use have a shaded area on the deck, it is advisable to bring a cap or a hat.

• Camera: Great memories of great times must stay forever. It's a good idea to have your photographic or video camera ready.

• Mobile Phone: In general, Egyptian eastern coast has a very good coverage of both GSM networks; Vodafone and Mobinil, and for several kilometers offshore. Roads as well have a good coverage. This way you can keep in touch with your family, friends, or business most of your trip--if you really want to!!


Call +2 01125363345


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