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delfino curioso

Sataya Dolphin Reef over night (2 days).

First day :

Our overnight trip to Sataya /Dolphin reef is starting from the marina in Hamata. Sataya is something very special, not only for divers but Also for snorkelers. As soon as you arrive on board, you will get a short introduction while having soft drinks in the saloon.

The journey takes depending on the weather between 2 hrs. To 3 hours. If you have problems with seasickness is supplied by us best with homeopathic medicines. After arriving in Sataya, A quick briefing will prepare you for your first guided snorkelling; the dives are then scheduled individually with the dive guide. The tour includes four dives. You speak with your dive guide when and where you want to perform the dives (night dive not excluded and possible).

Between the diving and snorkelling programs we serve lunch and dinner in buffet form. Ifsomeone is a vegetarian, so it would be great to let us know already before.

You will sleep in the lagoon on the boat. Either in a double cabin below deck or on the sun deck outside under the open sky star. This is up to you!

Don’t miss the most impressive view from the high deck – watching the stars and moon.

Second day :

Early in the morning of the second day we will discover the reef before anyone else. The marine life just returns back to daily activities while you are watching. The best chance to spot dolphins and rays while will be during that time. After that there is breakfast. After breakfast we await the arrival of the dolphins. Once we go again these views into the water to the next snorkel gear. Around 11:00 pm we will leave Sataya again and yet traverse on the way back a beautiful another reef for snorkelling or diving. There is then lunch. After lunch and a little breather it goes back to the cozy marina in Hamata.


Welcome to the most amazing water park in marsa alam.
One of the most amazing and adventurous water parks in the Red Sea, for Family members and Children and all those young in spirit. With free parking spaces in an area of privately owned space
A unique freshness and joy for those who wish to have an unforgettable experience.

Rent a Luxury Yacht Marsa Alam Egypt

rent yacht marsa alam egypt

If you want a real taste of luxury how about the "Port Ghalib" - an  eleven million euro yacht. It has five bedrooms, a large relaxing area, a kitchen large enough for a naval conference and even a jacuzzi and an onboard launch you can call us to help you with cheap cost


submarine marsa alam 1 submarine-marsa-alam submarine-marsa-alam

Join us for a fantastic excursion under water. You can clearly see, film and photograph the red sea fish's and others marine life. Through large panoramic windows and in your personal swiveling chair you surely don't miss a thing.

Join us for a fantastic excursion under water. You can clearly see, film and photograph the red sea fish's and others marine life. Through large panoramic windows and in your personal swiveling chair you surely don't miss a thing.

So, you would love to see Marsa Alam's virgin coral reefs and exotic fish from deep down, but perhaps you are a family with young children or you might be a tad nervous about all those scary marine creatures (jellyfish, sea scorpions, sharks etc) or perhaps even the world's warmest sea (measured by year round average temperatures) isn't quite warm enough for you.

These are all reasonable excuses to leave the snorkeling equipment at home and opt instead for the comfort of the observation deck on a semi-submarine.


shopping marsa alam egypt


Egypt is a real Aladdin's Cave for the bargain hunter, and especially since the recent depreciation of the Egyptian pound against the Dollar, the Euro and the British pound.  However you won't gain any benefit if you are easily intimidated or persuaded by either outright hassle from street vendors or the more subtle, but financially lethal, charm of the skilled shop salesmen.






Kitesurfing is easy to start and a great experience. The basics are much easier and you will be able to learn them in just a few days and then you will be able to enjoy the sport from the very first day of your next holiday.

There is a coastal fringe reef which stretches for hundreds of miles north and south of Marsa Alam and there are only a few places where there is a sandy beach with direct walk in access into a sandy lagoon with a protective reef. Here are the best of them.

When we refer to the town of ‘Marsa Alam’, we actually mean an extensive coastal strip north and south of this town, covering an area of over 130 km. Here, we predominantly find a fringing reef and it is difficult to come across sheltered bays with a sandy bottom.

fly board

Course Rental equipment

Try course ½ hr10€per day 70 €
6 hr 180€ board+ kite 1 week 350 €
Basic course 10 hr 270€ board per day 30€
Refer refresher course4 hr110€ kite per day 60€
Advanced course3 hr 95€ visa per day 5€
Practice 1 hr 50€reserve per day 5€
Certification 50€per week (6day)

Course Rental equipment

Try course 1hr20€ 1 hr15€
2hr35€package5 hr60€
Basic course 3hr50€package10 hr100€
6hr95€can be used for week and days
Children until 14 years80€1/2 day 45€
1 day 65 €
Basic course 10hrs150€package1 week 220€
Children until 14 years 120€

Private hours 35€

Storage kit
1 day 5€
1 week (6 day) 25€
2weeks 45€
3 weeks 65€


Fly board½ hr 70€

Water bike1 hr10€
Jet ski30min 35€
Double 15€
Banana boat 20 min15€
(Mini 3 pers)
waterskii20 min 25€


Start at 10.00a.m
Back at 4.00 p.m
All inclusive
Adult 35 €
Children until12 years 15 €
Childrenfree until 4 years

fishing marsa alamWe will pick you up early morning by bus with our guide and then move to the port. Upon arrival to the port, you will find a lovely comfortable boat where
drinks and breakfast will be offered, the boat will depart at about 09:00 AM and will be back in the port at about 16:00 (summer) 14:00 (winter)

We will do four stops. During the first three stops you will get the possibility of fishing and catching various exotic fish of the red sea whereas at the last stop you can swim for a while with fins and masks and admire the beauty of the coral reefs.

What u need ?

• Official identification documents: Local authorities demand that an official identification document be presented upon departure from harbor. This document can be a local Egyptian ID, or a passport.
• Specialty Lures: we provides trolling lures and spoons of sizes and varieties known to be suitable for the fishing spot, season, depth of water, etc. However, guests are welcome to try their own beloved "lucky strikers" or any lures they would like to try.
• Fly fishing Tackle When it comes to fly fishing we, regretfully, don't have much to offer. However, our guests are more than welcome to practice as much flyfishing as they want using their own tackle and expertise!
• Sun Lotion and Personal Stuff: It's mostly sunny in winter, and always sunny in the summer! Applying sun lotion may be a good idea if you would like to enjoy the sunshine. Also bring your own towels, razors, and after-shave lotion.

Be prepared for changing weather

• On a winter day, weather in the Red Sea might change from warm to cool if clouds show up. You need an easy on/off piece weather or coat.
• In the summer, it is usually nice all day long, but sometimes gets a bit chilly late at night and early in the morning. Sun is always warm, summer and winter!
• Although all the boats we use have a shaded area on the deck, it is advisable to bring a cap or a hat.

• Camera: Great memories of great times must stay forever. It's a good idea to have your photographic or video camera ready.

• Mobile Phone: In general, Egyptian eastern coast has a very good coverage of both GSM networks; Vodafone and Mobinil, and for several kilometers offshore. Roads as well have a good coverage. This way you can keep in touch with your family, friends, or business most of your trip--if you really want to!!





DON'T FORGET THERE'S MUCH MORE TO EGYPT THAN YOUR HOTEL POOL AND THE BEACH. These are my top twelve recommendations most of them including private air conditoned taxi transfers.

Our excursions have been meticulously planned, and have been carefully refined and tweaked over the years, to give you a wonderful balance of cultural, historical and social experiences of the regions you visit.

On most of our excursions, in addition to your Tour Manager, you will be accompanied by a local guide - enabling you to get a true insight into marsa alam

You can create creative excursions with our company

Dolphin House
Luxor Excursion
Wadi El Gamal National Park
Sharm El Luli Beach
El Quseir Town and Castle
Abu Dabbab Beach
Cairo Excursion
Seascope Submarine Trip
Aswan Excursion
Port Ghalib Marina
Marsa Alam town
The Camel Market at Shalateen


marsa alam diving

Diving in Marsa Alam most popular tourism & diving destination. Our organization is one of Egypt’s leading environmental activists and a pioneer for sustainable tourism. We have been internationally recognized as a model of tourism development and are considered a voice for the international diving community.

When you book your day diving or dive courses online, you immediately get a 10% discount. And if you've been day diving or taken a course with us before, then you get an EXTRA 5% discount.

Package 3 Days   Diving
  6 shore dives
135 € 122 €
Package 4 Days   Diving 
  8 shore dives
166 € 149 €
Package 5 Days   Diving 
  10 shore dives
190 € 171 €
Single dive from shore 30 € N/A
Night dive   from house reef 30 € N/A
Single house   reef dive 15 € N/A

Prices do not include Prices include
  • ABU DABAB shore dive 5 € entrance fees.  
  • ABO DABOOR shore dive 5 € pentrance fees.
  • WRECK ''abu ghoson'' 35 €  
  • 3 € per day environmental tax.
  • Boat trip (2 dives with guide) 25 € supplement.  
  • Dive guide for shore dives 5 € / dive.
  • 2 dives speed boat with guide 10 €.  
  • Dolphin  House Supplement 50 €.
  • Elphinstone Supplement 45 € (only for advanced divers with 50 logged dives)  
  • Transfers
  • tanks  
  • belts
  • Diving equipment in use in Scuba Diver and in Open Water Diver cours



intro dive 1 shore dive * +   guide + full equipment 40 €
intro dive 2 shore dive * +   guide + full equipment 70 €
intro dive 1 boat dive ** +   guide + full equipment + transportation + lunch and drinks 70 €
intro dive 2 boat dive ** +   guide + full equipment + transportation + lunch and drinks 90 €
intro dive     2 boat dive *** + guide + full equipment + transportation + lunch and drinks 100 €

Book and certification 65€
Dive Master course: books and PADI fee at cost price

Padi Scuba Diver 145 € 130 €
Open Water Diver 285 € 256 €
Advanced Open Water  + the price of 5 dives to be booked together with the course 45 € N/A
EFR  (book and certification included) 110 € N/A
Speciality   course (Nitrox - Photo - Deep) certification included - dives not included 110 € N/A
Rescue Diver 300 € 270 €
Divemaster 700 € N/A

Diving equipment in use in Scuba Diver and in Open Water Diver cours


Mask 4 € N/A
Fins 4 € N/A
Wet Suit 8 € N/A
Shorty 5 € N/A
Regulator 10 € N/A
Jacket 5 € N/A
Full Equipment   20 € N/A
Nitrox Tank or 15 lt. tank per dive 5 € N/A


Camel Riding

camel riding

f you wish to go on a camel safari contact us. He will let you know what trips are currently available and the prices.

They are a surprisingly peaceful, interesting and efficient way to explore the desert hinterland with its' mountainous scenery, beautiful sunsets, starlit nights and unique wildlife as well discover more about the local bedouin culture.

Wadi El Gemal actually means valley of the camels and is an excellent safari destination for those who prefer to mount their own specially trained and tourist friendly camel, under the observation of a skilled camel herder ( the gamaal in Arabic ) who will keep the animal on a lead for safety.

Grand Safari

grand safari

grand safari


quads safaris marsa alam egypt

Call +2 01125363345


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